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LG licenses Cortex-A50 family as well as next-gen Mali GPU

LG has announced that it will license the next generation of ARM Cortex-A50 series (which includes the A53 and the A57) as well as the next generation ARM Mali GPUs (Midgard).

ARM launched the A50 family, its first 64-bit CPU family, back in November 2012 and the first two members were the A53 and the A57. AMD, Broadcom, LG and Samsung licensed the A53 while the A57 saw Calxeda, HiSilicon and STMicroelectornics joinining in.

Most, if not all of the A57 licensees, are likely to come up with designs aimed at the server/desktop market with a heavy bias towards performance rather than power consumption.

LG, it appears, is looking to catch up with archrival Samsung which has been fairly aggressive with regards to designing its own chipsets. The company tends to use its Exynos SoC in its mainstream/high-end products (Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4) and uses third party providers (like Qualcomm) when needed.

Will LG use the new A50 parts in its product range? It currently uses a mix of Qualcomm and Nvidia system-on-chips for its Optimus smartphones.

Of the existing Cortex-A15 licensees, Texas Instruments and Nvidia are the two that haven't signed up for the A50 family. We reckon though that Nvidia and Apple have already jumped onboard but may have declined to get their names published on the licensees page.

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