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Roccat Kone Pure preview: a mouse unlike others

The Roccat Kone Pure is about 91 percent the size of the original, which is perfect for people with smaller hands. Roccat claims that the smaller dimensions do not lead to lesser performance, however. Today we will take a closer look at this very orange mouse to see whether that's true.

The Kone Pure does not have any extra optional weights you can place inside the mouse to make it heavier. You also won't find a profile button, and it lacks a side-scrolling function. The illuminated lines of the Kone [+] that run across the length of the mouse have been replaced by a logo that lights up instead. The top layer of the Kone Pure is a type of soft plastic. The lack of any extra weights will likely be a drawback for some people.

What is present is the Roccat Talk link to keyboards from Roccat, such as the Isku and Isku FX. Roccat Talk lets keyboard and mouse share functions, instead of working as two separate input devices. The underlying EasyShift+ technology lets you change the function of a mouse button by first presson a key on the keyboard. It also works the other way around.

It's a practical way of activating macros or other extra functions, for which you otherwise have to move your hands. EasyShift+ was already a feature on the Roccat Kone and Kova mice, but there you could only activate it on the mouse. Roccat Talk is only available in combination with the Roccat Isku and Isku FX keyboard. You can read the rest of Roccat Kone Pure preview: a mouse for delicate hands on