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Samsung to open R&D lab on Nokia's home turf

Samsung plans to muscle in on Nokia's home turf with the opening of a research and development centre in Finland.

To add insult to injury, the new R&D lab will be in Espoo, the same city as Nokia's headquarters. Potentially the Korean electronics giant is hoping to steal some of Nokia's staff to help bolster its smartphone technology and boost its patent catalogue.

Since Nokia has been forced to cut thousands of jobs in recent years, there will be many in Finland looking to put their experience to good use, and Samsung will likely take them on gratefully. Given Nokia's legal wins on the patent front, Samsung will undoubtedly be keen to acquire some of the talent that helped turn the Finnish mobile firm into the giant it used to be.

Dr. Yong-Suk Moon, President of Samsung R&D Institute UK, invited Stefan Constantinescu of AndroidBeat, a former Nokia employee, to attend the opening ceremony on 13 June.

Moon said the new facility will focus on “advanced technologies” and that Samsung is hoping to forge new partnerships and collaborations, but it is not yet clear what the company has up its sleeve.

While Samsung's position in the mobile market is strong, it cannot afford to rest on its laurels. Brand popularity only goes so far – the technology behind the devices is what seals the deal.