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Synology DS213j deluxe entry-level NAS preview

Synology's product line-up is pretty broad. At the top you have products like the DS713+, a powerful NAS with space for two disks. It's also very expensive. The DS213j is a much more affordable option, and you still get all of the features of the impressive Disk Station Manager firmware and room for two hard drives. It's a great way of getting introduced to a Synology NAS, and today we will take a closer look at it.

Some might not call this an entry-level model due to its price of around £170. That's not nothing, and for half that price you can buy a NAS device from other brands that can also fit two disks. The added value of the Synology NAS is the comprehensive firmware, which is arguably unparallelled in the world of NAS devices.

The features available in the firmware are identical to those you get with the much more expensive models from Synology. These includes all kinds of apps for downloading files, hosting websites, creating your own personal cloud or photo album, and many others for iOS and Android. There is a lot there. Synology also frequently updates its firmware, adding new apps.

Since the software is identical for all Synology models, the big difference is in the hardware. Among the available 2-bay models, the RS212 (with Marvell ARM processor and rack version) and the DS713+ (Intel Atom) are the high-end models. The DS213 (Marvell ARM) and DS213+ (Freescale PowerPC) are the mid-range models.

The entry-level models consist of the DS213air and now the DS213j, both equipped with ARM processors. There are differences in the design as well. The more high-end and deluxe, the more professional the chassis looks and the more features and connectors it has. Things like quickly swapping drives and having a USB port on the front, and a more sturdy design of the chassis distinguish the expensive models from the cheaper ones. You can read the rest of Synology DS213j deluxe entry-level NAS preview on