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£420 Philips Brillance 272C4 WQHD display: A business monitor with an edge

Head over to Dabs if you want to get a Philips Brillance 272C4QPJKAB monitor for as little as £420 after a 10 per cent discount which you obtain by entering the discount code MEGA10a at check out until the end of the month.

If you have enough budget and desk space, get two of those instead and enjoy the landscape offered by nearly 7.4 million pixels. We have a similar setup and can tell you that it is worth every single inch.

That 27in display uses PLS (plane to line switching) technology and offers an 8-bit colour depth, sRGB technology, a pixel density of 109dpi and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It comes with a webcam, a microphone and two speakers and it comes with other noteworthy features like SmartKolor (for vibrant images), SmartTxt (for optimized reading) and SmartImage.

Connectors include two HDMI, DisplayPort, audio in, headphones and DVI-D. Shame that there's no USB ports or Ethernet connectors. Note that the monitor consumes 38W when in use and 400mW when in standby mode.

It is worth noting that you should be able to daisy-chain those monitors as this Philips display uses DisplayPort 1.2a with Multi Stream Transport.

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