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Cooler Master V-series 1000W PSU preview

These new PSUs, which were showcased at CeBIT and are available in 700W, 850W and 1000W, use the single-rail approach are are 80 Plus Gold certified. We tested the 1000W model.

The new power supplies are based on the Seasonic KM3 platform, which also forms the basis for Corsair AX760 and AX860 (without i) power supplies. It's a single-rail design, the V Series 1000W can supply up to 83A on the 12V lines. The PSU is entirely modular and has four molex connectors, nine SATA and in total 6/8-pin PEG connectors. All cables are sleeved.

Cooler Master has equipped the power supply with a 135mm FDB fan, a silent one according to the manufacturer.

The 1000W PSU has a price of around £146 or €170, which is reasonable for an 80Plus Gold certified 1000W PSU.

With a continuous power of 1000W, the specified efficiency of the ATX PSU is 93% and carries a 80 Plus Gold certification. The black psu weighs 1.94kg and comes with a 13.5 cm sized fan whose speed is controlled by temperature.

The PSU has 4 standard peripheral connectors, 9 for serial ATX and 8 6/8 pin PEG. You can have a look at the rest of the specifications of Cooler Master V-series 1000W PSU preview on

For testing power supplies we utilise professional Stratron load generators, which allows us to put a load of up to 1600 watts on PSUs in our test lab. Each PSU we test in increments of 100 watts up to the maximum load. At each step we measure voltages on the different lines.

The closer those measurements are to the official values of 3.3, 5 and 12V, the better. More than 5 percent deviation means not good. You can read the rest of the Cooler Master V-series 1000W PSU preview on