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Tweet photos in six seconds with Twitter's updated app

Twitter has updated its iPhone and Android apps in an effort to make tweeting easier and more seamless, the company said.

For starters, the micro-blogging service has removed some of the steps previously needed to share a photo, making the process quicker overall. With the latest version, you can now tweet a photo in less than six seconds, Twitter said.

When you want to share a photo from your camera roll, simply click the photo icon on the bottom right corner of the tweet box, and that's it. In addition, when you add an image to your tweet, you'll now see a full preview of the photo, not just the cropped version.

"With fewer steps needed to share photos, you can more easily share what's going on in your life and quickly return to marvelling over that gorgeous sunset," Twitter Senior Software Engineer Misha Lushin, wrote in a blog post.

Beyond those improvements, Twitter also made some changes to accounts. When you compose a tweet, you'll now see your avatar and username, giving you a sense of how your post will actually look. If you have more than one Twitter account, it should be easier to select which one you want to use; all you have to do is tap on your avatar.

On Android, the update brings an additional user-requested change for notifications. The latest version lets you see more details about your interactions right from the Notifications Drawer. You'll now be able to swipe the notification to expand it.

Meanwhile, Twitter removed the borders around timelines on the iOS version, so tweets will now fill the screen.

The updated Twitter apps are available for download now in the App Store and Google Play.

Meanwhile, Twitter last week introduced login verification, which it says is "a form" of two-factor authentication intended to help users better secure their accounts. Those who sign up for login verification will have to enter their normal password plus a six-digit code sent via text every time they sign into