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Want a big 27in monitor for £150? Check out the Acer HS1EE & the AOC E2752V

Until tomorrow, you will be able to shave 10 per cent off the retail selling price of most monitors on sale at Dabs. You will have to enter the voucher code MEGA10a at check out to get that discount though.

Dabs currently has two 27in monitors costing just over £150 which is incredibly affordable for displays that big. Their primary use is as computer monitors but their sizes mean that they would be great TVs as well.

We have for long highlighted the fact that full HD (i.e. 1,920 x 1,080 pixels) on a monitor with a 27in diagonal doesn't make a lot of sense because of the lower pixel density which translates into pictures that are less smooth.

There are instances though where a 27in monitor though makes sense and for customers looking for one, check out the AOC E2752V which costs £152.98 and the Acer UM-HS1EE-B01 which costs £152.82; both prices being after discount.

Both television sets share roughly the same specs: 300/cdm^2, DVI-D/VGA (plus HDMI for the Acer model), 3 year warranty, 5ms access time for the AOC and 2ms for the Acer plus 100mm VESA mounts.

Note that for roughly the same outlay, you can also get a pair of smaller full HD monitors that together deliver twice the pixel count.

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