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HTC cancels plans for large Windows RT tablet due to weak demand

HTC has abandoned plans to launch a large Windows RT tablet due to weak demand, according to sources close to the company.

The Taiwanese smartphone maker was going to manufacture a tablet computer in the larger category of around 10 inches, but it decided to ditch those plans after seeing that there is not as big a market for Windows RT devices as previously thought.

An IDC report shows that only 200,000 tablets powered by Windows RT were sold in the first quarter of this year, significantly less than expected, showing that Microsoft’s answer to the tablet craze has not been all that effective.

The sources, cited by Bloomberg, said that HTC still plans to create a 7in tablet with Windows RT, but the high cost involved with producing a larger cousin led to the cancellation of the project. The 7in version is reportedly due for release later this year.

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The company is currently facing up to difficult times, with lower sales and lost market share to larger rivals like Samsung. HTC is hoping to recoup its losses with the HTC One smartphone, but it cannot afford to ignore the burgeoning tablet market, which is expected to grow by 59 percent this year alone.

HTC refused to confirm or deny the tablet rumours.