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Kingston HyperX Predator 512GB preview: The biggest USB flash drive in the world in capacity

Recently we published a huge group test of 32 USB 3.0 sticks with capacities of 32 GB and 64 GB. If that doesn't float your boat, you could always get a USB storage device with no less than 512 GB, called the HyperX Predator.

The HyperX Predator 512GB is a beast of a USB stick. It's entirely constructed out of metal and measures 72mm x 27mm x 21mm, and feels sturdier than any other USB stick we've had our hands on. Kingston promises speeds up to 240 MB/s for reading and 160 MB/s for writing.

In the test with 10 GB we measured 121.9 MB/s for reading and 109.1 MB/s for writing, and these figures put it in the top 5 of our recent round-up. The write speed is even the highest we've seen for a USB stick. The performance is very impressive, in other words.

Being the world's first 512 GB USB stick of course doesn't make the Predator a cheap product. It costs an average of £710 or € 769, which translates to £1.39 or € 1.50 per GB. It's much more expensive than the 32/64 GB sticks and even more so when you compare it to the price of SSDs.

The Predator does come in a deluxe metal box with keychain and an extension cable. That cable is certainly useful as the thickness of the USB drive will prevent it from fitting directly into the USB ports on many laptops.

If you thought 512 GB was a lot for a USB stick, Kingston also showed off a 1 TB version at this year's CES event, and it will be released later this year. These are exotic products now, but in a couple year's time it will likely be as normal as 32GB sticks are today. You can read the rest of Kingston HyperX Predator 512GB preview on