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45 processor group test: from Intel Celeron to Core i7, from AMD A4 to FX

On June 4 Intel is launching its next generation Core processors, also called Haswell. That means it's the perfect opportunity for us to retest all current processors and a number of older ones with a completely new test configuration. It will not only enable us to find out next month how Haswell compares to the previous generation, but it also provides us with a good overview of the CPU market.

Our current test was designed in early 2010 and is based on Windows 7 and the software from that era. Using the same benchmarks for three years meant that we were able to compare and contrast a very large number of processors. Some of those are becoming a bit obsolete, such as Adobe Photoshop CS4, Far Cry 2, and Excel 2010. The looming arrival of Haswell creates a good occasion to update our tests. Another reason is that back in 2010 integrated GPUs were something new, while today it's the rule rather than the exception. In our new benchmark set the performance of the integrated GPU therefore gets much more attention.

On the coming pages you'll find test results of a number of new benchmarks run in Windows 8 Professional 64-bit. We tested a number of recent games with and without separate graphics card and software ranging from Adobe Photoshop CS6 to Cyberlink PowerDirector 11.

We tested a total of 45 processors, most of which are current models. They span the entire spectrum, from the entry-level Intel Celeron G1610 to the high-end and very expensive Intel Core i7 3970X. We tested a few older processors, such as the popular Intel Core i5 750 and Intel Core i7 920. It enables us to see how CPUs have progressed over the last couple years. You can read the rest of 45 processor group test: from Intel Celeron to Core i7, from AMD A4 to FX on