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Digital 2013: all the action from Wales as it happened

Digital 2013, one of the UK's leading ICT events, took placer recently in Newport, South Wales - and ITProPortal was with you every step of the way.

Running 3-4 June, Digital 2013 showcased the rise of Wales as a top destination for digitally-minded business and investment. The conference hosted more than 60 speakers, as well as welcoming a bevy of leading technology organisations - Cisco, HP, IBM, and Microsoft were some of the big names getting a run out.

In case you missed our live blog of Digital 2013, relive all the news and best talking points from the Celtic Manor Resort below.

  • 04 June
  • 19:17

    Adieu, dear reader - share your thoughts with us via the comment section below, or better still, connect with us on social media. There are some handy widgets up top there linking you to some of our main accounts. Bring on Digital 2014!

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    So that's it for our Digital 2013 live blog for now, but be sure to check back shortly as we're looking forward to writing up the interviews we had with some of the many and varied thought leaders up at the Celtic Manor this week.

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    And finally: 60 per cent of delegates said that they would look to implement something they have learnt at Digital 2013 in their business going forward.

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    A couple of interesting findings that were revealed as Digital 2013 drew to a close: 51 per cent of attendees want the Welsh government to put more support into supporting business and industry to up-skill young people. I'd like to know what rock the 49 per cent who don't see investing in skills for young people as worthwhile are living under - no doubt cozy there

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    If you've missed it, catch up on all the news and best talking points from Digital 2013 below - we'll keep the live blog breathing until tomorrow to make sure you have a chance to get your fill

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    Digital air is as fitting a note as any to sound off on - we've got a train to catch back to the Big Smog. Sad to be leaving Digital 2013 - it was a really great event filled with lots of exciting ideas and inspiring people

  • 16:36

    Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson: "I think it's a really important thing - the Internet allows you to recompose things in better ways. That really is the essence of what the cloud is - it's not just about redefining the way you do IT. It's about getting people to understand that you can get anything from anywhere."

  • 16:35

    Some more predictions for the future: digital air and gel computing

  • 16:34

  • 16:29

    Unfortunately, the future is also a dangerous place - as with benevolent innovations, there is also no end in sight for security threats. Are smart dust and smart bacteria the attackers of the future?

  • 16:27

    As we heard recently at an event up in Newcastle, 3D printing has huge potential to revitalise areas hit hard by the decline of traditional industry

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  • 16:23

    Here's SMS pioneer Ian. He kicks off the final address of Digital 2013 by hitting on a number of key IT trends - the cloud and 3D printing are in the spotlight again

  • 16:22

  • 16:20

    We're now awaiting the arrival renowned futurologist Ian Pearson, aka the bloke who invented the text message way back in the 90s during his time with BT. Not a bad claim to fame, you have to say

  • 16:07

    The benefits of improving your enterprise's cyber security strategy are clear: the likes of Lockheed Martin and RSA enjoyed a positive share price kick following their development of cyber incident plans, Andrew Beckett points out

  • 15:47

    In 2010, cyber criminals raked in a cool $500 billion from their dodgy exploits, Andrew says

  • 15:43

    Malicious hackers are utilising increasingly scary techniques as they target SMEs - spearfishing is one particularly shady character that enterprises need to be aware of

  • 15:41

    Cassidian's Andrew Beckett, who we sat down with earlier today, is on stage delivering a keynote on security

  • 15:39

  • 15:07

    Microsoft's Coplin on flexible working: "This is about fundamentally changing what we think about work...It's about being confident enough to take the leap."

  • 15:05

    Social collaboration tools can help businesses evolve from simple organisations to agile, adaptable organisms

  • 15:03

    The first generation of mobile workers was empowered by devices, David notes, and now the "second generation is going to be about services"

  • 15:01

    David Coplin: "Trust is crucial. None of the other business processes have to change to support the idea" of flexible working

  • 15:00

    David is talking up the benefits of flexible working, but admits that "trust" is a big problem for some employers

  • 14:59

    The afternoon session is under way at Digital 2013 with Microsoft's David Coplin speaking on 'Business Re-imagined'

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    If you're wondering why things have gone quiet, it's because Digital 2013 is currently getting its nosh on and enjoying some well-earned time in the sunshine. Back shortly!

  • 13:44

    Stay tuned for more - the discussion continues this afternoon and features keynotes from Microsoft's David Coplin and Cassidian's Andrew Beckett

  • 13:32

    "Companies need to support multiple ways of connecting," Stephen Dane comments. Some of the benefits of embracing BYOD at your enterprise? Lower overheads, increased employee satisfaction, and a corresponding boost in productivity. Sound good to you, Mr/Mrs/Miss CxO?

  • 12:59

    A recent survey of 14-29 year olds revealed that of the many things the younger generation wouldn't want to go without, losing the Internet (84 per cent) and a mobile phone (97 per cent) were their top fears

  • 12:52

    Cisco's Stephen Dane: "The BYOD phenomenon is having a huge impact."

  • 12:52

    Mobility is key to creating the future, but it's "difficult to get right," Stephen notes, because people are constantly changing the ways in which they communicate

  • 12:51

    Cisco's Stephen Dane has taken the stage

  • 12:50

  • 12:40

    The final session of the morning is on mobility and will feature a keynote from Cisco's Stephen Dane.

  • 12:37

    IBM's Dan Cerutti: "Healthcare will be different because we will demand it be different. No digital data, no transformation. Not yesterday's analytics – tomorrow's analytics."

  • 12:36

    Deployment of IBM Watson for healthcare could boost NHS services by automating NHS Choices pages without the need for targeted content.

  • 12:35

  • 12:31

    Dan's talking about how IBM's Watson computing system enables three classes of cognitive services: "If our computer systems are not driven by the data, they will be static." The idea of moving from traditional search to active discovery is an interesting one and can't help but bring to mind some of Google's recent updates.

  • 12:14

    Dan Cerutti: "The future will look very different with new decision support tools which will transform healthcare."

  • 12:07

    IBM's Dan Cerutti talking about how big data analytics can transform health care: "Data, analytics – [these] technologies will encourage change."

  • 12:06

  • 11:57

    Stay tuned for more - full reports of all our interviews at Digital 2013 will drop in due course.

  • 11:57

    We just sat down with Andrew Beckett, head of UK cyber security for Cassidian. He's got one hell of a LinkedIn profile, by the sounds of it: his previous roles include heading up the Office of Confidentiality and Security for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague.

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  • 11:01

    HP's Peter Ryan: "When we talk about the new style of IT – there's a massive transformation going on at the moment, seeing an integration and merging of the needs of the consumer, and how those needs are changing, and how IT is provided within business."

  • 10:59

    HP's Peter Ryan is bringing us into the tea break, talking about the key challenges faced by businesses as a "new style of IT" emerges

  • 10:58

  • 10:50

    This is how Digital 2013 attendees described the relationship between their business and the cloud - interesting that the vast majority are consumers, rather than provisioners, of cloud services.

  • 10:50

  • 10:49

    Segwaying into the morning's second session - cloud computing going to be in the spotlight now

  • 10:43

    Once you arrive at a state of effective simplicity, then you can start to "move mountains"

  • 10:41

    Ken Segall: "Some people can criticise simplicy for 'dumbing things down' but that is not what Apple does. There's a huge difference – sophisticated and simple is the key. The more you can strip something down to its essence and have it maintain its power, it makes you seem smarter when you provide less and do so more effectively. An example of that, of course, would be the first iPhone – everyone was carrying a BlackBerry before then."

  • 10:40

  • 10:29

    "Simplicity is the combination of brains and common sense"

  • 10:27

    Ken Segall: "The great thing about simplicity is that it never fails. It's this belief that drove Steve Jobs. The problem comes when the evil twin of simplicity rears its head – complexity."

  • 10:26

    Ken is a bit of an Apple guru and worked closely with Steve Jobs of some of Apple's best-known campaigns, from "Think different" to iMac

  • 10:24

    Ken Segall on stage now rounding out the day's first session with a talk on 'The Power of Simple'

  • 10:22

  • 10:00

    Some key figures: the Welsh ICT sector employs 36,000 people and contributes some £1.2 billion to the Welsh economy. Not exactly pocket change, is it? Still, we're being encouraged to think even bigger

  • 09:59

    Moving swiftly on - this is Tom Kelly, Chair of the Welsh government ICT sector panel

  • 09:58

  • 09:52

    Sir Terry Matthews: "In my career, I have never seen a better time than now for young people to set up a new company. Take advantage - this is time for a call to action, for rebuilding."

  • 09:51

    Sir Terry's first company, Mitel, was founded 40 years ago this week and in all his time in business, he says he has never seen a better climate for startups and angel investment

  • 09:48

    No messing about this morning at Digital 2013 - Sir Terry Matthews takes the stage to welcome the delegates and deliver his keynote address

  • 09:47

  • 08:51

    And we're back! Good morning from the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, where the second day of Digital 2013 is about get underway. Some highlights to look forward to: we'll be sitting down with Andrew Beckett of security specialist Cassidian a little bit later this morning, while this afternoon, Microsoft's David Coplin will deliver the keynote speech.

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  • 03 June
  • 18:34

    Sadly, folks, that's all for today - catch up on all the best talking points below and be sure to join us again tomorrow for more Digital 2013 action. It's all going down at the Celtic Manor in Wales this week, and ITProPortal is pleased to be with you every step of the way.

  • 17:15

    My big idea, since you ask? I'd quite like to track down Tony Santos, my grade school photography teacher (as opposed to the Spanish R&B sensation), for a quick imaging brush up - apologies for the slightly lacklustre quality of our Simon Gibson shot there.

  • 17:11

    Wesley Clover has a particularly enviable track record as a 'startup angel' - in more common parlance, that means it gives big ideas money to help them take off

  • 17:09

    Bringing the afternoon keynote session to a close is Simon Gibson of Wesley Clover, one of the tech world's best known investment management firms.

  • 17:05

  • 16:45

    Maggie sounds off with a plea to the government to give teachers the space necessary to inspire kids in new and exciting ways

  • 16:43

    The key question in tech is always - what does the future hold? Maggie Philbin envisages a world where being able to code is like being able to read and write. Youngsters are morphing before our eyes into "creators, not consumers, of technology."

  • 16:40

  • 16:39

    Maggie Philbin busting out the gags: "Top tip if you are a company and want to impress young people: don't go and stand up and make a speech."

  • 16:35

    How do we go about overcoming the divide? Maggie Philbin says the process starts with dispelling stereotypes of the "bearded scientist" - you've got to give kids "plenty of role models" if they're going to put their energy into ideas and innovation as opposed to bending it like Beckham or landing an X-Factor audition.

  • 16:33

    The afternoon keynote is being delivered by Maggie Philbin of Tomorrow's World fame. We're still exploring ways to bridge the UK's ICT skills deficit - Maggie says there are some 900,000 technology sector jobs going spare in Europe.

  • 16:32

  • 15:44

    The exhibition floor is a veritable cornucopia of talent here at Digital 2013, featuring more than 60 top tech firms. Among the big names representing down in Newport - Microsoft, which is showcasing the enterprise nous of Windows 8.

  • 15:38

  • 13:06

    We're striding towards the break on the first day of Digital 2013, stay tuned for more news and talking points this afternoon. Some time now to check out the exhibition floor, perhaps - next speaker is scheduled for 15.45 BST.

  • 12:53

    Jeff Cuthbert: "It is key that we are able to understand the consequences of the skills deficit. This is the challenge that we are here today to address collectively."

  • 12:50

    On stage: Jeff Cuthbert, Welsh deputy minister for skills and technology

  • 12:47

  • 12:39

    Is it just me or is there a faint whiff of Daniel Craig about Jamie Owen? No, just me? OK then - that's why you should never let a journalist loose on a live blog.

  • 12:37

    BBC Wales don Jamie Owen back on stage to introduce Jeff Cuthbert, the deputy minister for skills and technology, who will take us into the lunch break

  • 12:35

  • 11:58

    Enjoying some one-to-one time with Rewired State's Emma Mulqueeny between sessions. She certainly knows how to deliver a sound bite so stay tuned - a full report of our interview with Emma will be delivered in due course.

  • 11:55

  • 11:16

    The morning workshops are getting into full flow now here at Digital 2013. Some of the seminars worthy of your envy: smartphone software development for managers, exploring cloud technology, and how new technology is improving literacy in schools.

  • 11:13

  • 10:44

    That's the morning keynote session over now, time for coffee. Not that there's a busy day on the horizon or anything....

  • 10:43

  • 10:39

    Interesting: nearly 80 per cent of attendees at Digital 2013 think that business acumen should be taught through education.

  • 10:34

    Mulqueeny is a bloody brilliant name. And this is a very salient point: "What confident young coding kids come up with in the next five years is very will be amazing."

  • 10:30

    Technology needs to become embedded in the core education curriculum and fear of the Internet needs to go: "Just let them do their thing. They will find a way...Let them discover it themselves. They need to do it for the joy."

  • 10:21

    Emma Mulqueeny: "I'm very excited about's in a perfect position to be agile"

  • 10:19

  • 10:14

    "Age is no limit" when it comes to development. The whole movement of getting kids to code brings a sense of community and teaches "skills for life"

  • 10:09

    Rewired State is the "largest independent developer network in the UK"

  • 10:08

    Emma is telling us about how Rewired State encourages youngsters to get into coding: "Our youngest programmers are six."

  • 10:07

    Emma Mulqueeny on the gender gap in technology: "I'm a woman, I'm a geek – and I'm here."

  • 10:04

    Digital 2013's first keynote is being delivered by Rewired State's Emma Mulqueeny

  • 10:02

  • 09:55

    Dr Bentall: Wales "needs the skills to grow the ICT sector." It is a "significant growth challenge" and one that demands the finding of solutions for the "gender diversity" gap that exists in technology.

  • 09:53

    Jamie Owen has handed the stage over to Dr Mark Bentall of security specialist Cassidian.

  • 09:51

  • 09:46

    The focus today is on digital skills and education and Jamie is imploring us to: "Learn, be inspired, and shape the future."

  • 09:43

    Jamie Owen of BBC Wales takes the stage to kick off today's proceedings

  • 09:42

  • 09:36

    This is the scene at the Celtic Manor this morning - speakers today include Mark Bentall from security solutions specialist Cassidian, and Rewired State's Emma Mulqueeny

  • 09:35

  • 09:16

    Good morning, boys and girls! In case you didn't know, we're at Digital 2013, getting ready for the first speakers. That there is the Celtic Manor Resort, pride of South Wales, where we're bunkered down for the next couple of days. Its main claim to fame? Try the 2010 Ryder Cup with your coffee....

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  • 02 June
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    If you're lucky enough to have tuned in already, it's a rather spiffing evening up here in Newport - observe said sunset. Did you know that in Welsh, observe is 'arsylwi'? No? Well you should - it's a bloody brilliant word.

  • 19:39

  • 19:38

    Good evening, ITProPortal massive! We've just arrived in South Wales ahead of Digital 2013, one of the UK's leading ICT events, and are readying ourselves for a whirlwind two days of live blogging. Things kick off in earnest tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, catch up on some of our recent event coverage via the links above.