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Twitter makes profile editing easier and improves lists function

Editing the look of your Twitter profile just got a little bit easier.

Twitter has revamped its profile editing functionality, letting you make changes to your profile and header photos, as well as your bio, location, and website information.

When you want to change your profile photo, you can now snap an image directly from your computer's webcam, then scale and position it. Or, if you already have a photo on your desktop you'd like you use, you can now simply drag-and-drop it into either the profile photo or header section.

The new profile-editing features are available on the Twitter website and the company's official mobile apps. On the Internet, you can make changes to your profile from either the Profile tab in your Settings, or by clicking the Edit Profile button from your page.

When you're out and about, you can make changes to your profile from the Me tab on the Twitter app. From there, tap the Settings gear icon and select Edit Profile.

As a reminder, Twitter profile photos can be up to 2MB, and have to be either a JPG, GIF, or PNG files. Twitter does not support animated GIFs.

Meanwhile, Twitter recently announced it has added the ability to create more lists, and include more people on lists. You can now make up to 1,000 lists on the microblogging service, up from 20. Lists can now include up to 5,000 accounts, up from 500.

For visual instructions on changing the look of your Twitter profile, check out the video above. Twitter also put out a FAQ sheet with more detailed information.