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Making the cloud your own: Integrating cloud and on-premise applications with IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration

In today's business environment, organisations of all sizes are struggling to maintain the advanced IT capabilities they need to be competitive while reining in cost and complexity. Shifting to off-premise hosted models, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and business process outsourcing, is a common activity undertaken to manage costs.

One of the main challenges businesses face in adopting cloud and SaaS delivery models is the task of synchronising data and integrating the multitude of systems already in data centres with new cloud-based applications, not to mention within the cloud itself. Traditionally, this required organisations to leverage existing tools as well as custom development.

This white paper looks at how two enterprises encountered problems with cloud integration and adopted IBM WebSphere Cast Iron to solve their immediate problems and extend use more broadly across their organisations.

Situation overview

The cloud is about flexibility, speed, and cost reduction, yet the practical realities dictate that these advantages are often muted by the complexities of integration. This white paper also provides context regarding the cloud and its integration challenges, an overview of the capabilities of the IBM Cast Iron integration product, as well as customer profiles from two user organisations.

Both organisations we profile found significant benefit in speed and productivity through employing Cast Iron.

Both the product and the product category are particularly important now, as the cloud becomes more central to IT operations.

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