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Microsoft reportedly making Windows RT cheaper for OEMs

Microsoft will reportedly cut the price of Windows RT for small tablets for its manufacturing partners.

As reported by Bloomberg, which cited anonymous sources, the Redmond-based company is trying to lure more manufacturers to Windows and away from Apple and Google, which have thus far dominated the tablet space.

Since unveiling the Windows RT-based Surface a year ago, Microsoft has been struggling to compete against iOS and Android-based tablets. As Bloomberg pointed out, device makers like Hewlett-Packard and HTC have moved away from Windows RT, leaving RT with less than one per cent of first-quarter market share, compared with Apple's 40 per cent.

The new pricing is confidential, according to Bloomberg's unnamed sources, but the cuts will allow for Windows RT on smaller tablets to better compete against the Amazon Kindle Fire or Nexus 7. Back in March, Microsoft lowered the minimum resolution for Windows 8 devices, suggesting that 7in tablets based on Redmond's latest operating system might be around the corner.

A software price cut may not be the only shakeup expected in Redmond. According to All Things Digital's "sources close to the situation," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is looking into restructuring the company — a change that could land some current executives in more prominent company roles.

The new layout could mean "larger roles" for execs like Satya Nadella, president of the Servers and Tools division; Tony Bates, Skype communications president; and Don Mattrick, head of the Interactive Entertainment division.

Changes are still a work in progress, and could shift considerably before any final announcements are made.