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OCZ Vertex 450 SSD preview: An affordably-priced Vector model with a real Indilinx controller

After the launch of the Vertex 4, OCZ had a little explaining to do. Initially the SSD was presented as using a controller developed in-house by Indilinx, but that turned out to be a Marvell controller using their firmware. The new Vertex 450 makes up for this, as it really does have a controller developed by them and not someone else.

It's actually the second time that an SSD from the Vertex line is equipped with an Indilinx controller. The original Vertex from 2009 also had one, but the Vertex 2 and 3 used one from SandForce.

The Indilinx BareFoot 3 M10 (BF3-M10) controller, which runs at a slightly slower clock speed according to OCZ than the one used for the Vector, is equipped with an optimized clock generator. The lower speed should increase the yield of the production of the chip, which should decrease costs. The chip now also supports 256-bit AES encryption.

The Bigfoot 3 M10 is connected with 16 Micron 29F128G08CFABB chips. These are 20 nm 16x128 Gbit MLC chips, which can be seen as the successors to the 25 nm versions used in the Crucial m4 and Vertex 3. The chips are validated for 3000 PE cycles.

We tested the 256 GB version of the Vertex 450, but it also comes with 128 GB and 512 GB. The 128 GB version has 16 64 Gbit chips and the 512 GB version has 16 256 Gbit chips.

The Vertex 450 comes in a very complete package. The SSD is 7 mm thin and weighs 116 grams, and you get a bracket with screws for putting it in a 3.5-inch slot. OCZ includes Acronis True Image HD disk cloning software, compatible with Windows 8. You get three years of warranty (20 GB of writing per day). In comparison, the Vector has five years of warranty, 25 nm MLC memory, a slightly faster controller and the game FarCry 3.

That Vector will be replaced by the Vector 150 in the third quarter of this year, and around the same time the successor to the Revo3 PCI-Express SSD is expected, called the Vector PCIe Series. We already saw these at CES and CeBIT. You can read the rest of OCZ Vertex 450 SSD review: real Indilinx controller on