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Android gets new Gmail updates

Less than a week after Google launched its revamped Gmail, which includes a tabbed inbox, the update has reached Android users.

According to the Gmail app listing in Google Play, the app was updated yesterday, though the "what's new" section does not specifically mention inbox tabs.

Instead it tips the ability to "reply, archive or delete from notifications" for those on Android 4.1 and above, faster search and performance enhancements for those on Android 4.0 and up, and new labels for third-party app developers and performance boosts for Android 2.2 and up.

According to Android Police, the tabbed inbox portion of the update is rolling out slowly, and it could take several weeks before all Android users have it.

Android Community, meanwhile, took it for a spin and said that the app "looks pretty amazing."

"Not only does this completely change and organize your inbox, but we have that tablet style slide-out navigation panel to the left, new colored organization, and even pull down to refresh," the site said. "It's about time we got an overhaul on Gmail."

New features like swipe-to-clear come at the expense of other options, like the former multi-delete function, which has been replaced by the need to long-press to select multiple emails for deletion or forwarding, Android Community said. The site did point to other perks like emptying the trash with one button.

Google unveiled its new Gmail features last week. On the desktop, the tabs appear at the top of the inbox, with categories like Social, Promotions, Updates, and Primary.