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Net Communities announces exclusive Taykey tie up

UK advertising solutions expert Net Communities has announced a partnership with Taykey, whose unique Topical Advertising technology delivers ads to marketers' target audiences based on real-time topic analysis.

The arrangement makes Net Communities Taykey's exclusive European representative.

Announcing the news, Net Communities CEO Andy Evans said that the deal further bolsters Net Communities' ability to offer enhanced audience targeting to its clients and complements its existing expertise in data solutions.

"Over the past year, we've seen an evolving appetite from the market to reach our premium, tech and business audiences in new and unique ways using audience data targeting. Our relationship with Taykey steps this up a gear and we are very excited to be their exclusive representatives in the UK," Mr Evans commented.

Processing more than two billion data points daily, Taykey monitors thousands of sources and discovers the topics with positive sentiment to furnish brands with the most relevant advertising opportunities.

Amit Avner, CEO and co-founder of Taykey, explained: "Previous advertising technology solutions were limited to using past data and broad, categorical interests to find their consumers. We built Taykey's technology to discover what any marketer's audience is interested in right now and immediately place their ads in front of those topics while the audience is at their most engaged."

"We're pleased to extend our success in North America to the European market and could not be happier to be working with Net Communities to accomplish that goal," Mr Avner added.

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