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Price of HP ProLiant N54L Microserver slashed to £90

If you want a microserver or just a decent computer, then check out the HP's latest microserver, the ProLiant N54L, which costs £190 at including delivery but carries a £100 cashback offer (which ends on 30 June) and cuts the price down to £90. The device and its predecessor have both been popular units on Tech Deals Pro.

This one comes with a dual-core AMD Turion II Neo clocked at 2.2GHz and 2MB cache. There's also 2GB of RAM (which can be updated to 16GB using two 8GB memory modules), a 250GB hard disk drive, an onboard SATA/300 RAID controller supporting RAID-0 and 1, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a 150W PSU and an AMD RS785E chipset.

Expansion capabilities include four hidden 3.5in internal bays (one used) and a 5.25in one (which houses an optical drive). Using all five altogether can bump the onboard storage capacity to 20TB. Other connectors include seven USB 2.0 ports, one PCI Express x1 and one PCI Express x16 slots.

Box also sells Windows Home Server 2011 for a mere £36.36, an operating system that is the ideal partner for the HP ProLiant N54L. Adding a three year, next business day warranty to the server adds another £110 to the price of the server.

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