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Boxer goes head-to-head with Mailbox for email organisation

This is the year of mobile email organisation: Orchestra's Mailbox app arrived in January, gaining users at break-neck speeds and readjusting expectations of what mobile mail can be. Now newcomer Boxer has entered the ring, with even more options to help put the user back in control.

Boxer shares a lot more with Mailbox than a blue icon and zero-inbox strategy — both iOS-only applications aim to replace users' native email client with one that offers a clean design, list-making, and swipe gestures.

"We believe email isn't broken, it's just unfair," the Boxer team wrote in a blog post announcing the new app, which includes support for numerous email platforms.

Boxer manages to set itself apart from other apps, including the Dropbox-acquired Mailbox, with special features, including "Like" (acknowledge an email without actually replying), "Quick" (send a customised pre-written response), "To-do" (save messages for later, plus add due date and priority), and "Request" (assign a person to a task and follow up later). And when that's complete, select "Done."

"We designed Boxer to allow you to quickly scan your inbox for messages you want to purge as well as the 'good ones' that you will want to act on, either now or in the near future," the company said.

Even once you think you're finished fishing around the app, Boxer shows off with even more advanced features, like a passcode to lock your inbox, archive support for iCloud, Gmail, and Google Apps users, and power sorting — the ability to order messages, to-dos, and requests by date, priority, due date or assigned user.

Those making the switch from Apple's traditional Mail or Gmail apps will have fun playing with the gesture-based options and cataloguing messages in a whole new way. Meanwhile, some who've already entered the uber-organisational world of Mailbox may miss the daily zero-inbox photo reward, but most of the system's special attractions can be found on Boxer, as well, and then some.

Boxer supports Gmail, Exchange,, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL. Mailbox currently allows only Gmail-based accounts.

Boxer is available now for download in the Apple iTunes Store.