Direct Save Telecom unveils £1.95 unlimited broadband package

This is the cheapest broadband package in the UK and it is also an unlimited one that apparently comes with no strings attached.

Direct Save Telecom may not be a household name but this telecommunications company has just launched an unlimited broadband package that costs only £1.95 on a two-year contract. That's less than Tesco's own broadband package and once you add the monthly line rental (£14.95 on a month-by-month basis, £9.95 when paid annually) and a start-up fee of £24.95, the total cost of ownership reaches £310.55 or an effective cost of £12.94.

You also get free UK evening and weekend calls as well as a free wireless router. The newcomer displaces other popular service providers such as Primus, Tesco, Virgin Media or BT and the only thing that might put us off is the fact that it doesn't have enough history to assess the quality of its after-sales support.

It's nice to see though that its CEO says that they won't be changing the price of the service for the duration of the contract and that there will be no hidden charges as well. Once the contract is finished, the customers will revert to a 28-day rolling contract; not bad for a service that costs even less than what many charge for line rental fees alone.