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EE reaches 500,000 4G customers landmark and launches shared 4G, PAYG broadband plans

EE has announced that it has passed the ½ million customer mark for its 4G network, just over seven months after it was launched in the UK. The CEO of the mobile phone operator, Olaf Swantee, told an audience at the company’s summer dinner that this was the fastest customer growth in 4G in Europe.

Swantee said at the beginning of April that EE aims to enlist a million 4G user by the end of the year and had signed 318,000 users in the first five months of operation. The next growth phase will include focusing on rolling out 4G across major commuter corridors, shopping centres and airport hubs across the country, targeting as high a prospective mobile user density as possible.

EE also confirmed that it will double its 4G service in ten cities across the country (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield) reaching up to 80Mbps.

Later in the summer, EE will introduce shared 4GEE plans which will allow customers to share their data allowance across smartphones and tablets and, interestingly, with other people as well. Not unlike what Tesco with the Family Perks and O2 with its Family Bolt On has been doing.

Another innovation that EE will bring in is PAYG mobile broadband. The company stopped short from delivering mobile PAYG services.

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