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Final countdown: Kickstarter campaign for new Shoreditch Village Hall in Tech City heartland

A Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the conversion of an old warehouse in Shoreditch into a new 'village hall' for London's Tech City has entered its last 48 hours.

The Open the Shoreditch Village Hall project was started by Silicon Roundabout co-working company Shoreditch Works and has already cleared its initial funding goal of £25,000.

At time of writing, the campaign has raised just north of £44,000 - only £6,000 shy of its stretch goal of £50,000.

Open the Shoreditch Village Hall will end its Kickstarter run on 8 June. The proposed conversion plans include turning the ground floor into a public space featuring a hotdesking area, coffee shop, and boutique retail space so local startups can showcase their creations. The top two floors would be flexible office space.

What's more, Shoreditch Works says that 20 per cent of time slots at the new Shoreditch Village Hall will be made available to local community groups and startups for free.

"If we reach our new target we can start to give away free desks to small startups and creatives who can't afford space but need it to expand and grow. This is what the Village Hall is about: events, collaborative workspace and offering a home to all the meetups and hack days who need space but can't afford to pay," Shoreditch Works said on its blog.

It goes without saying that we think the idea of a new Tech City community space is a great idea, so be sure to head over to Kickstarter to support the Shoreditch Village Hall campaign while you still can – there's a range of rewards on offer that will appeal to both individuals and more corporately-minded backers alike.