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Intel scores big win with Atom chip in Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 tablet

Intel has confirmed that the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 tablet comes with an Atom processor based on the Clover Trail+ architecture.

The Korean manufacturer didn't say in its specification list whether the tablet was x86 or non-x86 powered and only confirmed the clock speed of the SoC (1.6GHz). We now know that it is actually an Atom Z2560 model with an Intel GMA graphics solution that the company says delivers three times the graphics capabilities of previous-generation Atom (i.e. the Z2460).

Intel's press release announcing the partnership confirmed that the 3G version of the tablet contains the Intel XMM 6262 modem solution while the 4G LTE version ran on the XMM 7160 one. The latter supports 15 LTE bands simultaneously and is compatible with Ultrabooks as well.

So does Intel's sudden appearance in Samsung's mobile lineup means that the end is nigh for ARM? Not necessarily. Samsung appears to have given up on the tablet market to be honest, as far as innovation is concerned.

The new Galaxy Tab 3 tablet range (7in, 8in and 10.1in) are not very different from their predecessors and Samsung may consider that users do not care what CPU the tablets run. Plus Samsung's top of the range tablet is actually the Google Nexus 10, an altogether more ground-breaking device.

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