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Sony unleashes world's lightest ultrabooks at Computex

Sony has announced the Vaio Pro 11 and Pro 13, the lightest touchscreen ultrabooks available at their respective screen sizes.

These new models, along with the Vaio Duo 13, a new-generation convertible tablet also announced at Computex, are clad in carbon fibre and run Windows 8. They feature SDDs and 1080p HD Triluminous displays, which the company said offer a wider colour range than conventional LCDs.

The 11in and 13in Vaio Pro models weigh just 0.87kg and 1.06kg, respectively. An optional extended sheet battery, which can double the laptop's battery life, is available for both models. According to Sony, the Vaio Pro 13 is the first PC on the market to include a high-speed PCIe SSD, which it claims delivers two to three times faster performance than traditional laptop SSD drives.

The Vaio Duo 13 weighs 1.35kg. It is a convertible tablet that Sony referred to as a slider hybrid ultrabook; basically a tablet with a screen that can be slid out, revealing a keyboard, and tilted upward to resemble a conventional laptop. Its slider design features a slimmer hinge than in the previous model, the Duo 11, allowing for a quick and seamless transition between tablet and laptop modes.

With one hand, users slide the screen back to reveal a full-sized keyboard and track pad. Returning the Vaio Duo 13 to its original position lets users interact with the device in tablet mode by touch or with the digitiser stylus stored on the side of the device.

The Vaio Pro and Duo models will be available with Intel Core processors, up to Core i7, and include standard Sony features such as a full-size backlit and full-pitch keyboard, track pad, and Sony's own Rapid Wake technology for instant PC resume in less than one second. Also included is USB charging of personal devices on the go even when the computer is powered down or in sleep mode in addition to charging port housed within the battery cord.

The Vaio Pro models and the Duo will be available in Europe from the end of June.