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Evernote most-requested feature Reminders hits Android

Evernote Reminders are now available on your Android device.

Two weeks after the most-requested feature hit the iPhone, its three-in-one function is rolling out to Android-based phones, offering the ability to set alarms, keep to-do lists, and pin notes all in one place.

"Adding a Reminder is as simple as tapping on the alarm clock icon in a note," Andrew Sinkov, vice president of marketing for Evernote, said in a blog post.

Once created, users can add an optional due date, using what Sinkov called a "beautifully-designed date selector." For every due date, the user will receive notifications both on their device and via email, if they opt in. You can disable the email digests via the Evernote Settings.

All reminders are automatically pinned to the top of the note list, tag list, and search results, and are synced across various versions of Evernote, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Evernote Web. To rearrange your reminders, simply long-press one, then move it with a flick of the finger; check off each task as it is completed to make room for new ones.

"Reminders are not only great for staying on top of what's important in your account, they also keep you updated on projects that you're working on with others," Sinkov said. Users can subscribe to a Shared or Business Notebook's list of Reminders, and will subsequently be notified about due dates, just as you would for your own.

This Android update also comes with an improved copy-and-paste function in note view, corrected photo order in multi-shot camera, improved shortcuts functionality, and improved Japanese support.

Evernote is currently available to download for free in the Google Play store. Check out our Evernote (for Android) review here.