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OpenCo London 2013: highlights and key talking points

International innovation festival OpenCo is expanding outside of the US for the first time today, with 50 leading London tech firms set to open their doors and provide a glimpse of their inner workings.

OpenCo London officially launched on 6 June at a speclal event at Google Campus, the search giant's East London startup hub and co-working space.

There, OpenCo founder John Battelle introduced London to the event, describing it as "a mash up of an artist's open studio and a tech conference with the atmosphere of a music festival."

Stay tuned for all the action and best talking points!

  • 07 June
  • 17:43

    That's all from OpenCo London 2013, folks - we met a load of great people and got the inside scoop on how some of the capital's top tech firms go about about their business. Until next year? Hardly! ITProPortal's new 'Startups' hub features all the best news and talking points from the UK's startup scene, so stay tuned for more great coverage

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    What a whirlwind day! Things are starting to wrap up at OpenCo London now and I'm going to be making my way back to the ITPP homestead shortly, but catch up on some of the key talking points from today's festival of innovation below

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    Another eye-catcher was goCarShare, which is a kind of social car-sharing search engine. Shades of Airbnb and Couchsurfing as a concept?

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    Having a snoop around Wayra's HQ now, checking out some of the budding businesses that call the space home. This here is - self-explanatory?

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    Wayra academy director Charmaine Eggberry (below): "The difference between an accelerator and an incubator is passion. Our vision is to be the best accelerator on the planet - an active, vibrant mentoring ecosystem...And we're only into our second year. We're a startup ourselves."

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    Some more numbers: 90 per cent of Wayra startups reach beta phase, 70 per cent are already selling to customers and making money, and nearly 40 per cent are partnered with parent firm Telefonica

  • 14:21

    That's in just two years, by the way

  • 14:21

    Some stats for those of you in need of an introduction: Wayra has bought shares in more than 230 startups in just two years and funded the creation of hundreds of thousands of applications

  • 14:19

    Still with us? Hello again from Wayra HQ in central London

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    That's all we've got time for over in St John's Square - moving swiftly on from Mubaloo and its roguish 4G video conferencing exploits, we're hopping across town to check in with seed stage startup funding specialist Wayra

  • 13:14

    Mubaloo's John Mapperson: "People see mobility as a much bigger part of their business. Mobility is not just the one app I've got for the sales guys...if I've got a smartphone or tablet in everyone's hand, that means lots of different things. Everyone can understand apps...[and] different apps fill different roles for people."

  • 13:13

    I hear some of you asking: who is our mystery Mr Mubaloo? It's business development manager John Mapperson, since you ask

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    Thoughts on what 4G video conferencing might mean for UK enterprises? Engage with us on social media via the widgets in the top right-hand corner of the page

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    What's this? A very chuffed Mubaloo representative, obviously - but more importantly a successful 4G link up with Bristol!

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  • 12:44

    Will it work, though? As anyone who regularly attends events knows, demo fails are common currency in the tech world - witness Google I/O 2013 and the gaming party that never was

  • 12:43

    Apparently not, as Mubaloo will be taking us on a video conferencing tour of its West Country offices - we'll be linking up over EE 4G and that's the really cool bit

  • 12:41

    So, as it's an app developer, obviously we want a peek of Mubaloo's design and development operations, but they're in Bristol. Problem?

  • 12:40

    I have a sneaking suspicion that something quite exciting is going to feature as part of Mubaloo's presentation - stay tuned

  • 12:37

    Mubaloo is giving us a brief overview of its operations - that figure of 160 apps delivered to clients is now closer to 200, we're told

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    Recognise that little fella? That's all from Google Campus HQ - we're off over to Clerkenwell now to catch up with enterprise app specialist Mubaloo

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    Tech Hub's Tina Phillips: "We are not an accelerator. We are not an incubator. We are a faciliator. We are here to help you – it's down to you how you are going to use us."

  • 11:37

    Tech Hub is about "building a community and offering affordable work space"

  • 11:36

    Below is Tina Phillips of Tech Hub, which organises many of the events that take place at Google Campus

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  • 11:15

    The future? As a prospect, this either gets you giddy with excitement or fills you with dread, in my experience

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    Some of the sights here at Google Campus - Darth looking as gnarly as ever

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    Eze Vidra: "If there Is an equivalent between real estate and software, Campus would be open source....It's a seven storey building filled with startups. We believe that if we are able to build a strong community, not only Google will benefit from it, but the entire industry will benefit."

  • 10:58

    Eze Vidra (below) introduces us to Google Campus this morning ahead of a tour of the space, which is at the heart of the Tech City startup scene

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  • 10:56

    Right now, we're at Google Campus, the search giant's East London startup hub and co-working space

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    Welcome, and thanks for joining us as we go behind-the-scenes at some of London's most exciting and innovative enterprises!