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Spotlight on Kickstarter: The EMBRACE+ tech project

Project Name: EMBRACE+, a smart piece of wearable technology

Category: Hardware

Goal: $80,000 (£51,000)

Currently Funded: $241,000 (£155,000)

Deadline for Pledging: 9 June 2013

Do you believe in second chances? The 1,498 original backers of the EMBRACE+ do. Seattle-based friends Rudi and Paul first tried to raise capital for their bracelet that notifies you of incoming calls, texts, and more, back in March, but they fell well short of their $220,000 (£140,000) goal. Due to Kickstarter's rules, they didn't get a cent.

Undeterred, the duo brought EMBRACE+ back and set a more realistic goal of $80,000 (£51,000) — the amount they achieved in March. They've now trebled that amount with time still left on the clock.

Why would you want this piece of plastic jewellery? Imagine sitting in a meeting and knowing from the colour of your bracelet who texted you. Simply connect your phone to the EMBRACE+ with Bluetooth, customise settings using the iPhone or Android app, and then you can stay informed without taking out your phone and seeming rude.

You can set different colours to indicate you have an incoming call, Skype, email, or text message (including who sent it); a low battery or phone out-of-range warning; alerts for new posts to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram; or a reminder of an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

The EMBRACE+ bracelet is made of waterproof, transparent, 100 per cent pure silicone with no harmful additives. It's available in two sizes and is only 8mm thick, and 12mm wide around the circumference. Because the project creators have already reached their stretch goals on Kickstarter, it will also come in different designs, and with magnetic charging rather than micro-USB.

What does it cost to fund EMBRACE+? A minimum pledge of $59 (£38) gets you one (that includes $10 or £6.40 shipping), plus a pouch to carry it in. A limited edition run of 500 for $99 (£64) each will also feature a hand-screen print with "Backer 1/500" along with a satin pouch.