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The benefits of IBM PureSystems

In our final set of videos, WW PureApplication Systems Lead, Jonathan Langley, summarises the thinking behind IBM PureSystems, and the customer problems the range is intended to solve.

By building patterns of expertise into a highly automated deployment system, IBM PureSystems can take deployment times from weeks down to a few minutes.

This is a huge saving in labour hours, with one example customer saving 76 per cent across the whole deployment process. Furthermore, it is something which simply could not be achieved with competitor offerings or by a customer building it themselves.

To learn more, visit our IBM PureSystems hub.

Jonathan Langley also extends an offer to all prospective customers to try out IBM PureSystems either remotely or in person. In the case of the latter, customers can visit IBM's demo room at the Innovation Center in Hursley, which houses examples of all the hardware and software discussed in this series of articles. For a view inside the demo room, check out the video below:

On a final note, IBM PureSystems not only speed up the process of deploying applications with their virtualised cloud-based approach, but the hardware itself is also very quick to install and set up in a data centre. The following video shows the four-hour setup process, sped up to one minute 39 seconds, showing just how quick this process can be.