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Chrome for iOS gains speed and improved voice search functionality

Google has updated its Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad to version 27, bringing several new features and improvements. For starters, the Internet giant has revamped the voice search feature, now letting you speak your queries and get results back without having to type anything.

The whole process of searching the Web using your voice should now be speedier. The app will be able to recognise what you say more quickly and stream the text back to you in real-time, Google said. In addition, you'll now be able to get the answers to your queries spoken back to you.

Beyond the voice search enhancements, the latest version of Chrome for iOS brings faster page reloading, even when the network to which you're connected is slow or unavailable. It also comes with the usual security and stability improvements and bug fixes, which should make the app run better overall.

Chrome for iOS version 27.0.1453.10, as the latest version is formally known, is available for download in the App Store now.

Google first released Chrome for iOS back in June 2012. Like the desktop version of Chrome, the iOS app will sync across devices, letting you pull up pages that you looked at on your PC or iPhone via the iPad. Credentials are also synced, so there's no need to re-enter a password via the iPad if you've already signed in on your PC.

Meanwhile, on the alternative mobile browser front, the WebKit-based Opera for Android Web browser last month finally graduated from beta, and became available for download from the Google Play store.