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Weekend Roundup startup special: all the best news from London's Tech City and why Facebook will be extinct by 2020

Call us self-centred cads if you will, but the biggest news this week at ITProPortal was actually internal - we launched a brand spanking new hub dedicated to Startups. Bringing you the latest and best news from the world of budding ventures, our Startups section entered life in style with a bevy of exciting news and goings-on.

Startup your engines

There was major news on the London scene, with Tech City darling YPlan garnering some $12 million (£7.8m) in seed funding thanks to a consortium that featured Ashton Kutcher's A-Grade Investments. The aim? That YPlan will shortly commence global roll out of its eponymous app, which bridges the gap between event discovery, booking, and paperless ticketing. Who said London's Silicon Roundabout lacks the style and swagger of the Valley? Well, cloud services specialist Apigee, actually - though it's not nearly as controversial as it sounds. Indeed, we expect the next-generation of Silicon Roundabout startups to be full of Bieberesque razzmatazz - Entrepreneur First's 2013 Cohort will no doubt be at the forefront of this revolution.

Elsewhere, the Tech City cluster got a major boost this week after a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a new 'Shoreditch Village Hall' didn't so much gather steam as blew a gasket. The project's initial target of £25,000 was smashed a while ago and this week saw subsequent stretch goals of £50,000 and £75,000 reached - when the plug was eventually pulled on the campaign, it had more than £90,000 in its coffers.

Innovation festival OpenCo also shoved London's buzzing tech scene into the spotlight this week. In fact, 7 June represented the first time the event had left the cozy confines of the United States and ITProPortal was in attendance as OpenCo London launched at Google's startup hub, Campus. Thereafter, we rolled out live coverage of OpenCo London, described by founder (and Federated Media don) John Battelle as a mash up of an open house, tech conference and music festival. Our day out included a detailed look at Google Campus, as well as a visit to enterprise app specialist Mubaloo - it pulled off an impressive 4G video conferencing demo - and a behind-the-scenes look at startup acceletaror Wayra. Catch up on the highlights and talking points from OpenCo London retrospectively, if you were unlucky enough to miss out on the festival in real life or real-time.

Live and alive

In fact, live event coverage is becoming a bit of a hallmark here at ITProPortal, and we started the week off in Wales taking in Digital 2013, which kicked off with a keynote from Sir Terry Matthews. We followed all the action and one early highlight to emerge was our interview with Rewired State and Young Rewired State founder Emma Mulqueeny. It's generally agreed on the tech circuit that Emma's a bit of a legend, and she certainly didn't disappoint as a chinwag subject - we talked tech's gender divide, the importance of arming youngsters with IT skills, and the problems facing the UK startup scene. Her big prediction? By 2020, "Facebook will be a dinosaur." If you missed our Digital 2013 coverage then, well, that was silly. Fortunately, you can catch up on all the action from Digital 2013 as it happened. Because we're nice like that.