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Feedly sucks up RSS apps in advance of Google Reader's death

Google Reader goes dark in less than a month, but its ecosystem of apps will live on, thanks to Feedly. The RSS service has quietly been working to integrate third-party clients Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify, and gReader.

More details are expected soon, the Feedly team promised in a blog post.

The company got a boost in early April, picking up about 3 million new members after Google announced that Reader would shut down on 1 July. Over the last two months, the team has been hard at work, adding new hardware and releasing weekly updates in an effort to ease new users into its service.

It seems to be paying off, too. Feedly this week announced that 68 per cent of those who try them out end up converting into weekly active users, and doubling the amount of time they spend reading their RSS feeds.

"But we still have a long way to go," the company wrote. "We have been turning to the community to finalize the roadmap for the rest of this year." The results are six points users believe Feedly needs to address.

Most notably is an expected jump in overall speed - "the most important aspect of the feedly experience," the company said. Additionally, Feedly plans to add an in-service search function, pure Web access, Windows Phone and Windows 8 capabilities, improved group sharing, and the usual bug fixes.

Feedly encouraged new and old users to continue sharing feedback and offering suggestions via Twitter or other means.

News aggregator Digg is also prepping a Google Reader alternative, which is expected to go live as soon as Reader shuts down.