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Kindle for iOS update brings boost to students and visually impaired

Amazon has rolled out an update for its Kindle for iOS reading app, complete with a number of new features and options impacting page layouts, highlighting, textbooks and more.

Most notably, the latest version brings new line spacing options, letting you choose between three different settings to suit your personal reading preferences: loose, normal, or tight. For more words on each page, and less clicking, choose the tight line-spacing option and go with the loose layour for more white space.

The update also brings some changes that should be especially helpful for students and teachers, like the ability to highlight long passages that span multiple pages.

In addition, the Notebook feature for textbooks has new filtering options, which should help you more quickly and easily find all your notes, bookmarks, and highlights by colour. You can also now sync starred notes between devices.

Finally, on the accessibility front, the app now has a higher maximum font size, which should be more accommodating for those with vision problems. That change comes after Amazon last month updated Kindle for iOS with a host of other accessibility features to help blind and visually impaired users navigate their Kindle library, as well as read and interact with books.

The latest update also carries the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, which should make for a better user experience overall. Kindle for iOS version 3.8 is available for download in the App Store now.