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HP Discover 2013: All the action from Las Vegas 11-13 June

Welcome along to ITProPortal's latest chapter of live events coverage, as we bring you news, photos and analysis as it unfolds from HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas.

With more than 500 sessions, 285 demos, and over 500,000 square feet of space at HP Discover, there should be plenty for us to pore over this week, not least because HP itself is expected to make some significant product announcements to bolster its enterprise portfolio.

Expect plenty in the way of big data, storage, cloud, security, and mobility, as business leaders and the IT press flock from all corners of the globe to extract the most piercing insights from the conference.

A Silicon Valley A-lister in HP CEO Meg Whitman will also be making a keynote speech so stay tuned for that.

The event itself begins on Tuesday 11 June around 17:00 UK time, but we're hoping to bring you some early nuggets of information through Monday evening as HP delivers its first press conferences. So look no further for all the live action from HP Discover 2013.

10 June highlights

  • HP calls early press conference to make announcements regarding PC and printing portfolio.
  • HP Pro and HP Elite series all-in-one desktops are unveiled.
  • Printing solutions enhanced incorporating cloud and mobility - includes ePrint Enterprise 2.2, HP Relate, and HP Flow CM.

11 June highlights

12 June highlights

  • 12 June
  • 20:14

  • 19:45

    And with that, HP has concluded its announcements for HP Discover 2013. We'll be having some one-on-one time with HP execs later today to hear more about this Converged Cloud overhaul, so expect further analysis and reaction from Las Vegas soon. After that, a flight back to Heathrow beckons for ITProPortal so our own activity on this live coverage page has now come to an end. Wipe away those tears and remember the good times from the last three days in Las Vegas by scrolling downwards, and by checking out the articles linked above. Thanks for joining me and stay with us for more live events coverage coming soon on the site.

  • 19:37

    A few other enhancements have been made to HP's cloud offering thanks to the revamp, but that covers most of the key new services that broke cover here.

  • 19:36

  • 19:33

    Another new service: HP Mobile Enterprise Cloud Solution. "We expect more" than just email capabilities on our phone, says Karolczak. "We want to do absolutely everything" in mobile way, and this mobility suite builds on the aforementioned HP infrastructure to provide full secure cloud suite for mobile working, and engineering appropriate applications for an organisation.

  • 19:26

  • 19:25

    Another new service arriving here is the Enterprise Cloud Services for Enterprise Applications, described by HP's Pete Karolczak as worthy of "running a government or entire company" - and little more than for just "uploading photos", he says.

  • 19:20

    A lot being announced here form the refreshed platform. We'll continue to post slides from the key additions and updates revealed - and of course, you have a breakdown of the revamp available in our news story below "12 June highlights" above.

  • 19:20

  • 19:15

    Spinning off from the cloud revamp is the HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite, bringing together multiple cloud applications in one solution, and boasting a specially-designed "easy-to-use" portal.

  • 19:11

  • 19:09

    HP Cloud OS's influence extends to the new HP Moonshot servers we've been hearing a lot about.

  • 19:01

    "New plug-ins and layers on top of OpenStack" architecture (at the core of HP's cloud services) makes HP Cloud OS better for enterprises, Gillai says. He also talks about the continuity in technology running through the cloud range, which he claims brings "consistency and portability" to users.

  • 19:01

  • 18:58

    Veghte has brought on Saar Gillai, Senior VP and General Manager of HP Converged Cloud, to talk more about the platform.

  • 18:54

    As detailed in our news story above, a "continuity" in architecture through HP's new Cloud OS and the rest of its cloud applications is the key here. Veghte keen to emphasise that.

  • 18:53

    "This is a really fun day for us," says Veghte, pictured below. "It is about Cloud OS and it is about a whole additional set of cloud servces, but it's also the completeness of it." This is HP's most significant Converged Cloud revamp ever, he says.

  • 18:51

  • 18:44

    A bit of Nostradamus action from us here. HP COO Bill Veghte has only just kicked off the cloud press conference, but if you check today's highlights list above, you may notice we've already broken the news we're about to here more about. Stay here for what HP will say about its new cloud offerings.

  • 18:38

    Back in familiar territory for a press conference set to cover HP's new Converged Cloud platform.

  • 18:36

  • 17:10

    Nothing too fresh being covered now. Largely recapping of the announcements we've witnessed this week. We'll be straight on it if a talking point drops, but we may have to wait for the press conference this afternoon when updates to HP's Converged Cloud line are expected to be announced. Watch this space.

  • 16:58

    Cloud gets a nod too. The permanently packed casino here at the Venetian deploys HP's CloudSystem, says Donatelli with a cheeky smirk.

  • 16:57

  • 16:52

    FlexFabric 12900 is at the heart of HP's offering. This powerhouse enables large-scale clouds with up to 24,000 servers connecting to just one 12900.

  • 16:51

    HP's networking portfolio is next up for Donatelli. Hewlett Packard is no.2 in the world for networking market share, he says. "We're leading the charge to where networking is going... It's seeing its biggest period of change in 20 years."

  • 16:46

    We're onto the 3PAR StoreServ series now, which saw a brand new all-flash addition this week – the 7450. Check out our highlights list above for a link to more on that.

  • 16:44

  • 16:41

    Donatelli moves on to the new HP Moonshot server category, which HP, and particularly Meg Whitman yesterday, has been getting rather excited about. This is because it promises to use 89 per cent less power than typical models, and cut costs by 77 per cent.

  • 16:40

  • 16:36

    Donatelli is running us through the new servers HP has revealed this week. Including the ProLiant SL 4500 series, which acts as a storage/server combination to handle big D.

  • 16:35

  • 16:30

    Executuve VP of HP's Enterprise Group, Dave Donatelli kicks us off this morning. The big enterprise 4 are being covered again – cloud, security, mobility, and big D(ata). We like calling it big D this week, and we're pretty confident it'll catch on. So embrace it.

  • 16:15

    Just been papped by a Swedish journalist to my right (it happens). And just to prove how sprightly I am despite the jetlag and Vegas lifestyle, there we have your reporter.

  • 16:13

  • 16:12

    Good morning from us, good afternoon to you. We're set up and ready to go for our last day in Las Vegas for HP Discover 2013. It's an 8am start in the keynote theatre with HP's top brass ready to address this vast arena, though there are decidedly fewer present than there were for CEO Meg Whitman's speech yesterday afternoon. Late night revelry putting pay to a few it seems. But not the effervescent ITProPortal, of course.

  • 01:20

  • 01:16

    And with that, Whitman leaves the stage and the lights are up. Nothing too ground-breaking here, and the overriding message was a plea for trust more than anything. With all kinds of high level execs present here in Vegas, Whitman was out to reassure the crowd that HP has its house in order and is ready to push on in all areas of the enterprise. We're off to explore the HP Discover Zone now, and will be back for more tomorrow.

  • 01:09

    Look at Meg. She's having a blast up there. The HP CEO's keynote is winding down.

  • 01:08

  • 01:04

    "If you remember nothing else, we are out to be the very best partner out there. We are here to build a better enterprise together with you. Challenge us."

  • 01:01

    Whitman wants trust and confidence in HP. "We have strengthened our financial position and have stabilised our business."

  • 01:00

    "Technology is daunting," says Whitman. "We get what you are going through." This is followed by a protracted metaphor about making the customer Superman, basically.

  • 00:54

    Pardon the blur. We may be at the front of the press area, but we're still a long way back in this huge venue.

  • 00:53

  • 00:50

    Steve Phelps, Chief Marketing Officer of Nascar - another HP partner - is invited on stage to chat with Meg. We're back on big D, and Phelps is describing how harnessing it helps fan engagement in the sport. Some obligatory scripted banter is thrown in, which is always welcome.

  • 00:43

    All about the Converged Infrastructure... That's the key for Whitman.

  • 00:43

    "You know when you partner with HP, we've got your back," says Whitman.

  • 00:39

    Don't just believe us, believe our customers she says. Teeing up videos extolling the virtues of HP partnerships with the likes of Nationwide and United Airlines, with Whitman's firm providing solutions across hardware, software, and the cloud.

  • 00:37

  • 00:35

    "No other company is making such strides in energy efficiency," Whitman adds.

  • 00:34

  • 00:32

    Whitman starts on the front foot: "HP can help you manage in ways no other companies can. We've got a unique perspective because we created the old IT world, and we're part of creating the new one.... Believe me, Hewlett Packard is here to stay."

  • 00:30

  • 00:27

    For Bacon, "a big 'wow' turns into a big 'how?'" when it comes to our use of big data. He says he hasn't got the answers, but Meg Whitman has. And Mystic Meg herself enters the stage to loud applause.

  • 00:26

  • 00:23

  • 00:18

    Bacon's speaking about the significance of big data and the problems it can overcome - poverty, healthcare and the like. He says being connected can harness big data for wider progression.

  • 00:14

  • 00:11

    He's talking about connectedness. It's all very nice.

  • 00:10

    Who needs Meg Whitman? We don't, yet. Kevin Bacon is on the stage to kick things off. That's a turn up.

  • 00:07

    So here we are at the main keynote hall at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas for day 1 (officially) of HP Discover 2013. HP CEO Meg Whitman is about to take to the stage for the day's final instalment and the gathering here is truly enormous - it's difficult to take a photo that really does it justice. Anyway, before we start bringing you the highlights here, scroll for everything else that has happened so far at this year's Discover.

  • 00:03

  • 11 June
  • 21:46

    Perez on the left with Mahoney in the image below; their on stage chat bringing this afternoon's big D presser to a close. The key news here was the launch of the platform for big D analytics, called HAVEn. HP is clearly excited about it, and just to reiterate, you can read the full story around it via the link in today's highlights run-down listed above. If you're nocturnal, or based outside the UK, join us back here later for CEO Meg Whitman's keenly anticipated keynote.

  • 21:42

  • 21:38

    Mahoney's called an HP Vertica client up on stage – Ken Perez, Director of Healthcare Policy at MedeAnalytics. The firm provides performance management solutions to healthcare institutions. MedeAnalytics extracts data, applies business rules and algorithms, and delivers analytics to the health institutions so they can improve operations and expenditure. Thanks to big D tools provided by the tech industry, "queries that once took minutes now take seconds," Perez says. Ultimately, when optimising healthcare, such improvements can "save lives," he adds.

  • 21:28

    A key tenet of HAVEn is HP Operations Analytics, which offers insight into all aspects of an organisation's IT operations, helping analysts optimise systems across the board. Another key element is HP Actionable Intelligence Solutions, enabling companies to monitor and improve processes such as customer offers, procurement, and supply chain operations.

  • 21:26

    HAVEn offers "advanced visual analytics," HP says. The HAVEn graphs and charts being shown off here would have any number cruncher feeling all giddy.

  • 21:23

  • 21:21

    "There's an enormous opportunity around HAVEn," Mahoney continues. "It's not just about the software," he says, claming that HP's service and assistance around its products "sets us apart from everyone else."

  • 21:18

    "HAVEn is a platform, not a product," says Mahoney.

  • 21:16

    Colin Mahoney , General Manager HP Vertica, is ushered onto stage and announces HP's new big D platform, HAVEn. All the details can be found via our latest entry on today's highlights list above.

  • 21:11

    Kadifa there, giving us some background before HP announces its brand new platform for dealing with big D...

  • 21:11

  • 20:59

    And how do you solve these problems? Scale, source, speed, and security. This is a masterclass in alliteration.

  • 20:55

    George Kadifa, Executive VP of HP software, has taken to the stage at this afternoon's press conference. He's outlined four key challenges facing big D at the moment: volume, variety, velocity, vulnerability.

  • 20:51

    Coming up to 1pm here in Vegas and it's time for data. Big data.

  • 19:29

    Excuse the line breaks in some of our text below while we work on a fix. Cool blue stripes though, eh?

  • 19:22

  • 19:09

    Hope you got all that storage news anyhow. We'll be back for more later with the next press conference covering big data. In the meantime we'll grab some lunch, you all grab some dinner, and we'll catch up in a mo.

  • 18:56

    So what did we learn there? I think a summary is needed. The key announcement of the morning came in the way of HP's all-new 3PAR StoreServ 7450 storage system, which delivers more than 500,000 input/output operations per second, and boasts a response time of less than 0.6 milliseconds.

    "HP is the only vendor to offer a single product architecture that spans midrange-priced platforms, all-flash performance-optimised platforms and enterprise platforms with multipetabyte scale," the company says of the launch. The system comes beefed up with a number of enterprise security features including data encryption, to help healthcare, finance, and government customers meet compliance regulations.

    HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 systems are available now starting at $99,000 (£64,000). More on the product can be found via the link above, under today's highlights list.

    This launch came alongside the unveiling of the HP StoreOnce Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) software, which works on existing servers to reduce the need for purchasing extra dedicated hardware. The StoreOnce solution bolsters HP's Converged Infrastructure portfolio and can cut energy costs by up to 70 per cent, according to the company.

    HP StoreOnce VSA will be available on 22 July at $3,500 (£2,245) for 10 TB of capacity.

    HP also announced the introduction of the HP StoreEver MSL6480 Tape Library, which offers "long term data protection at a midrange price" - available now at an entry cost of $30,000 (£19,000). The firm then rounded off its new storage selection with the HP Data Protector 8 backup and recover software. This is available now too, at a starting price of $1,238 (£795).

    Before all that, HP had unveiled compact new servers aimed at SMBs. The HP ProLiant MicroServer Generation 8 is described as "an ideal first server that provides simplified setup, management and maintenance... and it is small and quiet enough to sit on a desk." The servers even come in different colours, and are available now for $449 (£288).

  • 18:23

    "Fundamentally, we believe HP is leading the transition in storage," said David Scott, wrapping up this morning's press conference.

  • 17:48

  • 17:45

  • 17:43

    Supplementing the main 3PAR StoreServ 7450 and StoreOnce VSA launches is the new Data Protector 8 with HP Storage Integration, and HP StoreEver 6480 Tape Library.

  • 17:39

  • 17:38

  • 17:36

  • 17:31

    Check out some slides coming up detailing the features and functions of the new HP StoreOnce VSA...

  • 17:30

    Scott has revealed the HP StoreOnce VSA software solution. Comical little unveiling, pulling back a curtain to reveal an empty stand, as this is software. Muted chuckles among the press.

  • 17:30

  • 17:25

    Some more details on the new 3PAR StoreServ there. But now its time to move on to another new storage solution, this time on the software side of things...

  • 17:24

  • 17:20

    This 'polymorphic simplicity' makes the 3PAR StoreServ system "unique in the industry," says Scott. With its "modern architecture designed with the ability to handle performance demands of flash."

  • 17:17

    Scott has talked a lot about the new system's 'polymorphic' design – its open architecture making it easily scalable and simpler to implement.

  • 17:13

  • 17:09

    Check out all the details on the new 3PAR StoreServ storage system via the link above, under '11 June highlights'. Yes, it was only officially announced 10 minutes ago, but we don't hang around here.

  • 17:04

    This is the latest instalment in the 3PAR storage line - what Scott claims is the "fastest growing enterprise product in HP's history."

  • 17:02

    Scott has just pulled the curtain pack (literally) on HP's brand new HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 storage system.

  • 17:00

    There's David, bringing a British flavour to proceedings here.

  • 17:00

  • 16:55

    Now moving onto storage here, with David Scott, senior VP or HP Storage taking to the stage. Some healthy boasting going on regarding the firm's current offerings before they get onto some fresh storage announcements.

  • 16:51

    And there you have them: the new DL320e, the ML310e, and the 8th-gen MicroServer.

  • 16:49

  • 16:47

    Hold onto your hats. We've barely got going this morning at the Venetian in Las Vegas, and HP has already thrown three new servers our way...

  • 16:46

  • 16:41

    HP Discover 2013 is officially underway. Scroll down for some of yesterday's pre-amble; a fair few announcements were made at the early press conference.

  • 10 June
  • 23:42

    That wraps up the key announcements of today's press conference as HP gets the ball rolling at this year's Discover. The conference officially begins tomorrow however, so join us from Tuesday afternoon for all the big news, views, and keynotes.

  • 23:36

    Meanwhile, improvements to HP Flow CM strengthen security with encryption features, and add a touch more versatility with support for Android.

  • 23:33

  • 23:31

    But making sure mobility doesn't steal all the THUNDER, is cloud. HP is further enhancing its enterprise printing platform via the HP Relate and HP Flow CM cloud-based solutions. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, HP Relate quickens and simplifies printing high volumes of documents. Pradeep Jotwani of HP's printing division tells us the solution is being extended to the SMB market for the first time, and is the ideal assistant for bulk printing bills, claims, and the like.

  • 23:14

    "We're investing heavily in mobility. The world today is mobile," said executive VP of printing and personal systems Todd Bradley earlier, and the products being launched are certainly backing that up. Mobility has been the order of the day here at Discover.

  • 23:13

  • 23:08

    Next up is the updated ePrint Enterprise 2.2, which now includes integration with mobile device management solutions from HP partner Good Technology. Accompanying the system is the HP ePrint Enterprise for Good iOS app, offering flexible printing for the workforce and the ability to modify security settings for IT administrators.

  • 23:01

    HP has also announced the innovative 'Retail Jacket' for its ElitePad tablets, which offers mobile point of sale and assisted selling capabilities, enabling a business to meet customer demands in a more mobile manner.

  • 22:55

    "Desktops are still relevant," insists Lores. HP has been ramming home the 'PC isn't dead' line pretty fervently today.

  • 22:54

  • 22:48

    HP's senior VP of sales and services, Enrique Lores, getting up close to the new Elite One all-in-one desktops on stage there.

  • 22:45

  • 22:37

    HP kicked off by revealing some brand new desktop PCs - the HP Pro and HP Elite series all-in-ones. Aimed at any office environment, the features on offer include touchscreen capabilities and NFC. Most eye-catching is perhaps the Elite One 800, which looks particularly smart with end-to-end glass on its display.

  • 22:15

  • 21:51

    HP Discover 2013 may not officially kick off until tomorrow, but the company has called a press conference today to make some early announcements. Stay locked...