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Samsung ATIV Book 7 series preview: with and without touch

Samsung is attempting to position its laptop products a little higher, for example with the new ATIV series for all of its Windows products. These include tablets, laptops and smartphones. The first two ATIV Books we're testing are two models from the 7 series, previously known as Chronos.

The new ATIV Book 7 NP730U3E-K01NL and ATIV Book 7 NP740U3E-X01NL are both 13.3in Ultrabooks. They're Samsung Premium Ultrabooks to be specific, as the former 5 series has less high-end Ultrabooks than these two. In the UK market, the ATIV Book 7 NP740U3E-X01NL is called the 13.3" Series 7 Touchscreen Notebook 128GB SSD NP740U3E. The only difference is that it does not have the SideSync feature. This is true for any 7 Series laptop without ATIV in the name.

The laptops have a silver finish, even the keyboard has been given that colour. The prices differ quite a bit, despite the fact that both have the same Intel Core i5-3337U CPU and 128 GB Plextor M6M SSD. The more expensive Ativ Book 7 NP740U3E-K01NL costs about £1,020, while the NL730U3E-X01NL has an average pricetag of £850.

The more expensive model has a touchscreen along with an AMD Radeon HD 8750M GPU, which basically amounts to an extra sticker if we can be blunt for a moment. The touchscreen also increases to the weight to 1.61kg, compared to 1.45kg for the other model. The touchscreen is very glossy, while the more affordable model has a matte display. The keyboard is nice to work with, and the touchpad is relatively large.

A nice extra feature that Samsung includes is SideSync. If you have a compatible Samsung phone, you can transfer the display from your phone to Windows and use the keyboard and mouse of your laptop to control your phone. It's also an easy way for copying files. You can read the rest of Samsung ATIV Book 7 series preview: with and without touch on