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Samsung LS24C750 preview: affordable MVA monitor

If you want a higher-end quality monitor, especially in terms of colours and ergonomic features, you had best look at business monitors. With the LS24C750, Samsung is bringing the best aspects of a office monitor to the consumer market, for a more reasonable price.

The LS24C750 was recently introduced and is available for an average of £224. It's the first affordable monitor intended for the mainstream consumer that we've seen from Samsung. The second reason this monitor is special is that it's equipped with an MVA panel, while the majority of mainstream monitors still use TN, and IPS to a lesser extent. The screen outperforms practically any other monitor in this price class.

Reason enough to take a closer look at the LS24C750, in other words. This is not a monitor that will be great for shooters, as MVA isn't known for having fast response times. With overdrive enabled the performance will be fine, but where this screen will really shine is with colour fidelity, contrast and viewing angles.

The screen is silver-coloured and looks as if its brushed aluminium, but it's actually just a type of very sturdy plastic. The bezels are nice and thin, and while they're slightly more than a centimetre, because they slope it looks like less. It makes this monitor a good option if you're looking for a multi-monitor setup.

The base has extra weight added to it, in the form of a metal plate. That's a welcome touch, as the LS24C750 stands quite high despite the fact that you can't adjust it vertically.

The back side of the support for the monitor can be used for bundling cables together to move them out of view and keep things tidy. It's possible to rotate the screen into portrait mode, which is rare for a consumer model. Putting three of them next to each other in this position works great for a 3,240 x 1,920 resolution. You can read the rest of Samsung LS24C750 preview: affordable MVA monitor on