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WWDC 2013: a sneak peek at what Apple's iOS 7 could look like

All eyes in the technology world are set to shift to San Francisco's Moscone West conference centre later today, as Apple kicks off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference with a keynote scheduled for 18:00 BST (10:00 PST).

The WWDC rumour mill has been as active as ever in 2013, offering up predictions of everything from an iWatch to a refreshed line of MacBooks featuring Intel's new Haswell processors.

Amidst the fertile speculation, all that seems remotely certain is that Apple will use its keynote today to unveil its new generation of platforms, including its latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. But what will it look like?

Well, we already know what Apple developers want from iOS 7, but now, fanboy bible 9to5Mac appears to have gone one better and gotten its eyes on a beta version of iOS 7. While it can't publish screenshots due to legal issues, it has mocked up some images based on the sneak peek.

According to the site, the photos "closely match" what we will see later on, and appear to confirm a number of rumours, namely that iOS 7 will flaunt a flattened, minimalist look that reflects the influence of Apple design guru Sir Jony Ive. Key icons like the iTunes Store, Camera, and App Store have a stripped down aesthetic, while traditional carrier bars have been replaced by little dots to indicate signal strength.

Elsewhere, 9to5Mac also noted that iOS 7 app icons seemed to come with two colour schemes - one vaguely black, the other more or less white. Two possibilities, according to the site, are that the different palettes could be for specific iPhone models, or - more interestingly, - that they would intelligently switch based on time of day and available light.

Stay tuned - these images certainly won't be the last you hear about Apple and iOS 7 today. In fact, we'll be live blogging the WWDC 2013 keynote to keep you up to speed with all the news and key talking points.

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Other hot tips have iOS 7 featuring improved vehicle integration in addition to its stripped down new interface. Apple may even have integrated iOS and OS X (its desktop platform) into a single platform, if some speculation is to be believed. There's only way to find out, so make sure you join us for live coverage of the big WWDC 2013 keynote!