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10Gbps “USB 3.5” hardware coming next year

10Gbps peripherals based on the USB specification could become commonplace by this time next year as companies such as ASMedia Technology start to push out host and device controller chips that support such speed.

According to Josephine Lien and Steve Shen from Digitimes who quoted ASMedia's president Chewei Lin, so-called USB 3.5 controllers will be able to match Thunderbolt speeds without costing as much and will open the market to new opportunities, especially when it comes to external bandwidth hungry applications.

Thunderbolt will almost certainly still have the upper hand compared to USB 3.5 (both standards are supported by Intel) when it comes to absolute performance (given that a second iteration is expected to double the maximum speed to 20Gbps) as well as flexibility.

Its specification allows it to run PCI Express (PCIe) and DisplayPort but its relatively high price has been its main weakness, prompting consumers and manufacturers alike to look for cheaper alternatives.

The new USB standard is also expected to beef up power delivery ratings with support for devices consuming up to 100W. This means that a laptop would be able to power a monitor and an array of devices (or your monitor would be able to charge your laptop as we saw at CES earlier this year).

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