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Is £30 Kobo Mini eBook reader a DIYer’s dream?

WHSmith has reduced the price of the Kobo Mini ebook reader to a mere £29.99, possibly to match the recent massive drop in price of the Nook Simple Touch. You can get the Kobo Mini down to around £24.99 if you manage to get a £5 voucher (which the retailer seems to be printing liberally on its till receipts).

Like the Nook Simple Touch, the Kobo Mini has some cracking features. Make no mistake, it comes with a system-on-chip that's similar to the one that powered the first Apple iPad tablet (a Cortex-A8-based Freescale MCIMX507CVM8B clocked at 800MHz) and similar amount of system memory (256MB).

It has 2GB of onboard storage, a 5in display (Vizplex V110) that is touch capable, a microUSB port, a one-month battery life, has a 800 x 600 resolution and can display 16-level of grey. Unsurprisingly, there's no microSD card slot or camera.

You do get Wi-Fi and the device runs on a custom version of Linux which means that you should be able to run Android on it. Now this affordable product would make an excellent learning tool capable of rivalling with the Raspberry Pi.

Sure it doesn't have as many ports (or expansion capabilities) as the latter but it does have a display and a small but vibrant hacking community.

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