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BAE Systems to plug cyber security skills gap with graduate recruits

BAE Systems is hoping to plug a gap in the UK's Internet defence needs with the hiring of 130 graduates for its Detica cyber security business.

With cybercrime costing the UK between £18 billion and £27 billion each year, according to the National Audit Office, the need for more staff to boost national, public sector and business computer security is rapidly growing.

Detica has 2,600 employees and plans to recruit a further 600 this year, 130 of whom will be based in the UK. The firm is looking at graduates from courses in IT, engineering, maths and physics, and it is offering a training programme designed to help prepare them for significant challenges like cyber attacks and online fraud.

“This is a wise step by BAE, but will only address a fraction of the problem. Our records show that cyber security training business has more than doubled in the past year, but even we see huge scope for further growth in this area if we are to even start to close the skills gap,” said Bill Walker, security analyst and technical director at QA.

“A career in cyber security looks set to have a very robust future. Regardless of the tough economy, cyber security is going to grow and grow. There is an ideal opportunity here for anyone in IT to retrain and specialise in cyber security and it should also give any graduate a long and highly desirable career path.”

Walker also called for organisations to do more to attract women to work in the cyber security sector.