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Dell SecureWorks launches Targeted Threat Hunting service

Dell SecureWorks has added a Targeted Threat Hunting service to its Targeted Threat Services portfolio of products, giving businesses additional defences against a growing number of targeted cyber-attacks.

The service works by employing the cyber intelligence and proprietary hunting technology developed by the Counter Threat Unit (CTU) at Dell SecureWorks. The CTU Special Operations team will also search for threats, attempt to see if hackers are targeting an organisation, and provide protection if threats are identified.

Dell said that most companies lack the threat intelligence, malware analysis and forensic capabilities needed to fully understand threats and how to deal with them. This presents particular difficulties when hackers keep changing their methodology and often keep a persistent presence on business servers thanks to highly-sophisticated attacks.

“The most informative way to determine if a targeted threat is present in an environment is to collect and analyse data from network and endpoints in unison,” said Jon Ramsey, CTO of Dell SecureWorks.

“We use instrumentation, advanced analytics and visualisation tools coupled with security threat intelligence and years of incident response experience from the Counter Threat Unit to locate the compromise, and contain and remediate the threat.”

Dell SecureWorks also offers a number of other products in its Targeted Threat Services suite, including Targeted Threat Intelligence for heightened awareness of threats, Red Teaming for attack simulation, Managed Advanced Malware Protection, Targeted Threat Response for removing hacker presence, and Enterprise iSensor for network protection.