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Seagate unveils 4TB business NAS HDD

Seagate has unveiled a new network attached storage (NAS) hard drive designed for small to medium-sized businesses, with capacities available up to 4TB.

The drive is designed for always-on NAS systems of up to five bays, offering high performance and reliability, with up to 10 per cent better performance than rivals and up to 30 per cent more storage available than competing products.

Additional features include NASWorks, which helps with error correction and power management, improved vibration tolerance from a dual-plane balance, which enhances the drive's longevity and reliability, an almost silent operation of the drive, and a variety of power profiles to minimise energy consumption.

With up to 4TB of space available, the hard drive can store as much as 819,000 photos, one million songs, or almost 500 hours of high-definition video. As part of a NAS array, businesses can amass up to a whopping 20TB of data.

“Today about 50 percent of NAS arrays are sold diskless meaning that customers are challenged with identifying and installing the right storage for their system. By developing a drive like NAS HDD, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it and made it easy for customers to identify the right drive for their system,” said Scott Horn, vice president of marketing at Seagate.

“By collaborating closely with a variety of partners who specialise in NAS systems, we’re making what was a confusing effort into a plug-and-play one.”