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HP Autonomy launches Legacy Data Cleanup software for improved info governance

HP Autonomy has launched Autonomy Legacy Data Cleanup, a software solution designed to help businesses manage legacy data and improve information governance (opens in new tab).

The software, powered by Autonomy ControlPoint 4.0, lets organisations access, understand, classify and safely dispose of a growing volume of outdated data on company computers and servers.

Legacy data (opens in new tab) is sometimes called “dark data,” as it is effectively wasted space on limited storage, forcing organisations to buy more storage and hindering the modernisation of infrastructure and the transition to the cloud. This data includes obsolete SharePoint sites, old email stores, and a variety of other files that no longer serve any function.

The Legacy Data Cleanup solution helps businesses identify this unnecessary data and remove it responsibly, leaving an audit trail behind to meet company data retention policies. It can also help with the establishment of a records management system, which offers improved access to and more efficient legal holds on old data.

“Virtually every organization has a legacy data problem, though the symptoms may not be visible at first glance because the data is often out of sight and out of mind,” said Melissa Webster, vice president of the content and digital media technologies programme at IDC.

“By methodically accessing and analyzing this information, steps can be taken to better control this information and ultimately lower storage and eDiscovery costs, as well as minimize the risk of security breaches and accidental spoilation. Legacy Data Cleanup can deliver ROI and serve as an integral part of an organization’s long-term information governance strategy.”