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Canary Wharf gets free Wi-Fi from O2

An estimated 100,000 workers located in London's posh Canary Wharf quarters will get free public Wi-Fi in a bid by Telefonica's O2 to raise its profile amongst this very affluent and influential audience.

The infrastructure for the Wi-Fi service is being installed on behalf of the Canary Wharf Group which manages the location and is expected to go live later this year.

More than 240 retailers and 20 acres of parks and plazas will be covered. You won't need to be an O2 customer in order to benefit from this facility.

Gavin Franks, managing director for O2 Wi-Fi, said in a statement: "We're offering a unique platform for brands and advertisers to engage and deepen the relationship with the hundreds of thousands of visitors and workers that pass through each week."

Wi-Fi users will only need to register once and will be automatically signed in on future visits. The service will be financed by advertising it seems as O2 stated that visitors to Canary Wharf are "incredibly valuable to retailers and advertisers" with nearly half of them owning shares.

One may expect such for-profit partnerships financed by advertising and other marketing deals to pop up elsewhere.

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