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How do you snap perfect panoramic images with your smartphone? Meet new Kickstarter darling the BubblePod

Mobile accessory startup BubblePix is on the brink of launching its second smartphone gadget, taking to Kickstarter to crowdfund production of the BubblePod.

The BubblePod is a clockwork turntable featuring a silicon phone grip that, in conjunction with the BubblePix app, enables users to capture optimised 360 degree images.

Compatible with the latest Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices, the BubblePod has raised more than half of its £30,000 goal at time of publication.

Early-bird supporters of the project can nab a BubblePod for as little as £15 and the project runs until 9 July - given the initial response, we'd expect BubblePix is already dreaming up some stretch goals.

"When stitching apps try to create panoramic photos, they do so by merging together separate images as you pan across a scene. But it's impossible to keep your phone perfectly level as you move it, which creates an inherent variation in the final photo," explained Pete Corke, head of business at BubblePix.

He added: "The BubblePod keeps the rotation exactly level, and uses multiple high-resolution frames for perfect full 360º every time. We want to make it easy for people to have a high quality images without breaking the bank."

Elsewhere, the BubblePod will feature a universal tripod connector on its base that doubles as a wine bottle mount. The BubblePix will also allow you to record an audio clip to associate with your panoramic images, which the company dubs 'Bubbles.'


Following its Kickstarter run, BubblePix hopes to send the BubblePod into production in September.

BubblePix first caught our eye at the Gadget Show 2013, where it showed off its other smartphone accessory, the BubbleScope.

The Newcastle-based startup hit the headlines not long thereafter when it won the Thinking Digital 2013 startup competition, beating off stiff competition from YPlan.