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Oracle announces public release of HTML5-focused Java EE 7

Oracle has launched Java Enterprise Edition 7 (EE 7) and an associated Software Development Kit (SDK), the latest developer tools for businesses.

The new version is the result of collaboration between engineers from over 30 companies within the Java Community Process and GlassFish Community.

Some of the features included are improved low-latency and bi-directional communication with WebSockets, which paves the way for HTML5 applications, simplified data parsing and exchanging via JSON processing. There's also support for more concurrent users via RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS 2.0.

Additional features include a break down of batch jobs, improved scalability by defining multithreaded concurrent tasks, and improved Managed Beans alignment. The Java Message Service 2.0 has also received some updates, making it easier to make annotations and reducing the amount of code needed for messaging.

The new SDK includes tutorials, sample code and API documentation for making the most out of the latest Java enterprise build.

“Java EE continues to be hugely popular, with continuing strong developer adoption and we’re very excited about Java EE 7. This is a great release with strong technology updates that meets the demands of today’s enterprises,” said Cameron Purdy, vice president of Development at Oracle.

“Oracle has a strong vested interest in the success of Java and we are firmly committed to working with the community to deliver a consistent, high-performance, high-quality Java EE implementation.”