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Vodafone unveils futuristic wearable recharging tech ahead of Isle of Wight Festival trial run

The human batteries of The Matrix just got that little bit more real.

You will soon be able to ditch that pesky phone charger, as scientists have developed a way to create a pair of shorts and a sleeping bag that can charge mobile phones.

The bizarre inventions, developed by Vodafone and scientists at the University of Southampton, lets people generate battery life through the friction of movement (in the case of the shorts) or from pure body heat (in the case of the sleeping bag), according to the Daily Mirror.

As a person moves, the gaps in the fabric compress and stretch, providing the ideal environment for the generation of electricity. Vodafone showed off the futuristic innovations ahead of this weekend's Isle of Wight music festival, where a select few punters will be used as lab rats to test out the technology.

Vodafone UK's Director of Communications, Christian Cull, commented: "Our ambition was to create a practical but exciting solution to the charging-related issues experienced by many at outdoor events."

"We hope that people harness the power in their pocket to keep them chatting, texting, browsing and photographing throughout their entire festival season," he added.

An average person can generate as much as four hours battery life from a single stroll while wearing the aptly-named Power Shorts. A night's snooze in the sleeping bag can generate enough energy to power a mobile for the rest of the day.

It is not yet clear if this discovery will make it into the shops, and if it does it will likely take years before mass production is ready.