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Google+ gains synced notifications and Android app boosted

Google has announced that it is rolling out synced notifications for Google+, meaning you'll only have to dismiss a notification once for it to clear across all your gadgets.

"Say goodbye to annoying repeats," Balaji Srinivasan, a member of Google's technical staff, wrote in a Google+ post.

"We're rolling out these notifications improvements gradually — first on Android and the web, then on iOS," he said.

When the update does appear, it will bring with it a new bell icon that warns you if there are messages awaiting your attention. A new notifications tray also now separates unread from previously read items.

The Google+ Android app also gained an update, with user-suggested features like deleting images from the Photos view; tapping a post to show the number of +1s, comments, and reshares; and a left-hand menu design that is more consistent with other Google apps.

The changes are eliciting a mostly positive response from Google+ users, including Rosa Golijan, who commented on the original post saying "the new notifications look fantastic! Hurry up and get 'em to iOS!"

Google discussed notification syncing at its I/O developer conference in May, where it also rolled out a major facelift for Google+. The search giant announced 41 new features for the social network, including new design elements, Hangout features, photo-editing tools, and expanded free storage.

Similarly, the Google+ iOS app got a photo boost late last month, with new functions like Auto Backup, Highlight, Enhance, and Awesome, as well as related hashtags, comment editing, and mobile profile editing.