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Myspace graduates from beta and unleashes iOS app

Myspace rejoined the social scene in January, when a public beta version of the now music-focused site went live with the help of backer Justin Timberlake and his suit and tie.

Now the beta tags have come off the web-based version of Myspace, and fans can take their streaming radio stations and social stream on the go with a new iOS application.

The app serves as a small-screen version of its web-based counterpart, offering similar functions like People Browse, GIF Creator, Social Radio, and simple network management options, like posting updates to your stream, sharing photos, and messaging friends.

But its purpose runs a little deeper than that, according to a Myspace spokeswoman.

"The new Myspace was built with a focus on serving the needs of artists and creative people in general by providing features that enable discovery, connection and collaboration, and promotion. It's impossible to fulfill that vision living on only one device," she said. "Prior to [Monday] — with only a desktop version of Myspace — the platform was only halfway complete."

That web version also made a debut this week, emerging from beta and opening its doors to all those nostalgic 20-somethings who remember their first online friend, Tom. (Tom Anderson is actually still a Myspace user, though he no longer works for the company; his familiar profile picture remains the same, 10 years later.)

During the community-led beta process, Myspace was able to gauge user response and refine and add certain features, including the ability to create animated GIFs.

"Of course, as with any tech-based product, there will be continuous iterations and improvements — there's a robust pipeline of new features and enhancements coming up — but today, the fundamentals are there from which we can continue to build," Myspace said.

One of the original social networks, MySpace debuted in 2003, but quickly lost steam when Facebook opened to the public. Specific Media acquired the site in June 2011, at which point Timberlake also pushed a few dollars into the company.

The new Myspace iOS app is currently available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store; an Android version is coming soon.

For a tour of the new Myspace, watch the video above.