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Acer to embrace wearable technology in 2014

Acer is set to enter the wearable technology market next year, joining other top technology firms like Google, Apple and Samsung who have already committed to the field.

The Taiwanese computer and electronics firm is working on how to make wearable tech appealing to consumers, which it said is a bigger challenge than the logistics of the technology.

“We are looking at wearable, I think every consumer company should be looking at wearable. Wearable isn't new ... it just hasn't exploded in the way that it should. But the opportunity’s for billions of dollars' worth of industry,” ST Liew, president of the smartphone business group at Acer, told Pocket-lint.

Liew gave a hint at what the company considers important: battery life. He suggested Acer wants to create a smart watch that will automatically charge itself once it is taken off and thrown to a side table at night.

While he did not say how this might be achieved, presumably it would need some kind of docking station or wireless charging facility.

Acer is likely to start off with a smart watch next year, a sector of the market that could be about to take off with top smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung leading the charge.

As smartphone and tablet market saturation peaks in developed countries, technology firms badly need a new device segment to help push profits even further. Wearable technology is, arguably, that very market.